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So glad I found this site!  I got rear ended last April and my back and neck were really messed up.  Searched online for advice and came across your site and it was the best find ever!  I followed your advice and not only am I feeling a ton better, but I ended up getting a pretty nice settlement for my injuries, which is allowing me to afford more care as I need it.  Thanks a million for putting this all together.

Carson J.

Was rear ended by an SUV

We built this site for YOU.

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One rainy day in Vancouver Washington, a handful of chiropractors (and one lonely attorney) got together over a cup of coffee (naturally) and lamented over the lack of public information and knowledge with regard to action steps following a car accident and treatment for whiplash.

They shared stories about the struggles their patients experience, trying to navigate the sea of confusion, complicated by insurance adjusters, police reports and anecdotal recommendations from friends and family.

Often, these unfortunate folks found their lives turned upside down because of a single car accident that took only seconds to happen.

Now, suffering with painful injuries, a wrecked car, time away from work and the concern of surmounting medical and car repair bills, they feel powerless and frustrated to say the least.

“Watching this story unfold over and over again was just something we couldn’t do anymore.  Many, many coffees later — The Whiplash Resource Network was born.   It is our hope that this site serves the public, lost and frustrated patients and even help newer, inexperienced chiropractors leap ahead with knowledge normally attained after a decade or more of practice.”


Time to give the power back!

Consider this site a tool, to help bring you clarity about:


  1.  The 5-things you need to do first!

  2.  Understanding your car insurance and working with claim adjusters.

  3.  Finding the right car repair shop (surprise!  It’s not who your insurance tells you)
  4.  Choosing the right chiropractor! (This is crucial to get right)

  5.  When to get an attorney involved.


If you’ve found this site like I did, your life just got A LOT easier!
Thanks so much, guys!

Teara B.

Recently involved in a car accident

Last October, I was in a fender-bender car accident that ultimately did more damage to my neck and back than to my car. At first I felt that I was alright, so I failed to fill out an accident report to go to my medical doctor, but a few days after the accident my neck and back began to ache and l began to have horrible migraine headaches. I was a senior in high school and the neck pain and headaches were making it very difficult to study and my grades quickly began to fall. My migraines were debilitating and I would often miss school. I would lay all day in complete darkness and silence, and all the Tylenol in the world would not take the pain away. Soon after realizing that my headaches could be a result from my accident, I began treatment at a Chiropractic clinic highly recommended on this whiplash resource site.  After just a few adjustments I began to feel increasingly better. My headaches that were occurring once a week were now subsiding to once or twice a month. I began to feel more energetic and able to keep up with work and concentrating on completing my senior year. I now rarely suffer from headaches, and my neck and back pain also cleared up.  Thanks to the help I received from the Whiplash Resource Network chiropractor’s, I was able to attend school headache free, and this June finally graduated after a long, grueling year.
Thanks for making this site!!!

Kristen J.

Recent Highschool Graduate

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Whiplash Information Area

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The information presented here is in a progressive order, but feel free to jump ahead and choose any topic you like.

10 Car Insurance Myths – DEBUNKED!

  Have YOU been misinformed? Let's clear up the most common car insurance MYTHS, that can prevent YOU from experiencing unnecessary stress. . .   All of us writing this article are chiropractors and collectively have helped thousands of people recover from injuries...

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Understanding Whiplash

Every 16 seconds, someone in the United States suffers a whiplash injury. Whiplash is a term that describes a specific type of injury to the neck resulting from an intense, rapid force, typically from an automobile collision. Damage to the muscles, joints and...

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How Your Body Works

In order to fully appreciate the impact that whiplash injuries can have on the human body, it is necessary to talk about how your body works when it is healthy. Because whiplash injuries primarily affect your bones, joints, muscles and nerves - your...

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The Biomechanics of Whiplash Injury

In this article, we will teach you how whiplash injuries hurt you! The term "whiplash" was first used in 1928 to define an injury mechanism of sudden hyperextension followed by an immediate hyperflexion of the neck, which results in damage to the muscles, ligaments...

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Common Injuries from Whiplash

  As we discussed briefly in an earlier post, Understanding Whiplash, whiplash injuries can manifest in a wide variety of ways, including neck pain, headaches, fatigue, upper back and shoulder pain, cognitive changes and low back pain. Due to the fact that...

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Factors Affecting Whiplash Injuries

There are many factors affecting whiplash injuries and the extent that they contribute to the severity of a whiplash injury. such as the direction of impact, the speed of impact, the size of the vehicles involved. your headrest position. and your posture at impact,...

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Grading Whiplash Injuries

The severity and long-term recovery of whiplash injuries vary considerably between individuals. No two cases are exactly alike. As you read in our previous post, Common Injuries from Whiplash, the severity of your injury depends on many factors, such as the speed and...

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Whiplash Treatment Overview

Whiplash is a unique condition that requires the expertise of a skilled health professional specially trained to work with these types of injuries. The most effective whiplash treatment is a combination of chiropractic care, rehabilitation of the soft tissues and...

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After my car accident, I was taken by ambulance to the emergency room and was told by the doctor that I had a “whiplash” injury.  I was given prescription medicine and sent home to rest.  After 2 weeks, I was still having severe headaches, neck, upper and lower back pain along with muscle spasms on a daily basis.  My headaches were unbearable and occurring everyday. This had been going on for 6-7 months, before I finally found this website and started going to one of the chiropractors I found here.  I had been to physical therapy (they didn’t do much good), and had been taking medication (very expensive and didn’t help). After a few adjustments I noticed my headaches were less and my neck and back pain was decreasing also. After a few more adjustments, I started to feel like my old self again. I was able to function normally, taking care of my family and my job was not suffering due to the chronic headaches that I had been suffering from. l would highly recommend chiropractic care to anyone who has been in a car accident and is in constant pain. The care I received has proven to me that chiropractic care works! Chiropractic is a healthy way to relieve your pain and correct the problems, not just treat the symptoms.  Oh, and the doc recommended on this site was awesome and new his stuff!  Thanks guys!

Jillian W.

Whiplash injuries

I was involved in a rear-end car accident in September that totaled out my truck and left me with a serious whiplash type injury, daily headaches, TMJ and severe neck and back pain.  I self-treated with heat and ice packs and over the counter drugs but the pain continued. I was treated by my medical doctor for two months without any progress.  I was very dissatisfied with the medical attention I was receiving and was not feeling any better. Drugs and more drugs were the only treatments I received. My co-worker told me about this whiplash information site, and after reading the info here, I thought I would give chiropractic at try. Why not?  I had nothing to lose. They helped me tremendously!!! I soon had relief of my headaches, neck and hack pain, and my TMJ also. I don’t believe in taking drugs that only mask the problems and cover up the pain. I wish I would have tried chiropractic sooner, but better late than never.

Carl P.

Whiplash Injury Patient

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