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The Whiplash Resource Network , a site provided by “Dilato Group,” is a public health and information service. In some cases, there are paid advertisements on behalf of our participating attorneys and healthcare providers. The Whiplash Resource Network is not a law firm or healthcare facility. It is an interactive, computerized public health notification and advertising service provided by The Whiplash Resource Network. The photographs displayed on The Whiplash Resource Network are of models, not clients, attorneys or doctors, unless permission has been provided. Because we are not a law firm, attorney, or your individual primary doctor with information specifically about you, we cannot and will not provide you with any legal or health care advice. The information provided on this web site is not legal or health care advice is general and may not apply to you specifically, please check with your chiropractor and/or attorney.  No attorney-client, doctor-patient or confidential relationship exists or will be formed between you and The Whiplash Resource Network.  Any relationships formed via the recommended chiropractors or attorneys list is entirely up to you and would be valid. Only attorneys or healthcare providers who agree to pay service fees to The Whiplash Resource Network are included in The Whiplash Resource Network, and the attorneys’ or healthcare providers’ agreement to pay such fees is one of the few requirements for inclusion in the service, of which includes an interview to determine their competency. Therefore, the fact that an attorney or doctor is or is not included in the service does not reflect on the quality of the legal service, health care service or suitability to help you. The decision to retain an attorney and/or seek health care services is an important one, and one that you must make carefully based on your own judgment and evaluation of that attorney or health care provider. The Whiplash Resource Network is only one source of information among the many sources that are available to you. You may wish to consider multiple sources in order to make an informed attorney or health care provider selection decision. You are solely responsible for determining whether the information you obtain through your use of The Whiplash Resource Network is suitable for your purposes. If you choose to form an attorney-client or doctor patient relationship with an attorney or health care provider based in whole or in part on information available from The Whiplash Resource Network, you should do so based on your personal evaluation of that attorney or health care provider and not upon that attorney’s or health care provider’s decision to purchase our advertising services. Consumers will be provided with information on lawyer(s) and health care provider(s) participating in the service who are selected based upon the consumer’s selection of practice and geographic areas. The Whiplash Resource Network does not guarantee, endorse, recommend or vouch for the quality of any attorney or health care provider with whom you may make contact through The Whiplash Resource Network, except for the fact that they have fulfilled our own personal requirements for competency and geographic area.

In no event shall The Whiplash Resource Network be liable to you for any damages of any kind whatsoever for any advice, information or services provided to you by any attorney or health care provider with whom you may make contact through The Whiplash Resource Network.

Thank you and we hope you find the information and resources listed on this site to be highly valuable on your personal journey toward regaining your health, following your motor vehicle crash.

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